Lavaclay Ceramics

Curvy, Sexy Pots!

Lynn Anne Verbeck, studio potter, teacher and mother of two, received her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the State University of New York in New Paltz, NY, 2011.   She was born and raised in Philipsburg, PA.

Growing up in a rural area gave her a close connection with the rhythms of nature; an earthy sensibility can be seen in her work as an artist.  After completing her undergraduate work at Penn State University, she moved to New York City and opened a studio, where she lived, taught and sold her work for 17 years.

Verbeck has come full circle and now lives and works in Philipsburg. She is highly qualified in all technical aspects of pottery, making and teaching everything from hand-building to mold-making and slip-casting.   Verbeck has extensive wood firing experience, as well as firing electric, gas and soda kilns.